Music as a Hobby vs. a Career

with Surrogate Live in Studio

Emery's new guitarist and producer Chris Keene's band Surrogate is in studio before their show in Seattle. As former members of Number One Gun, they decided to keep Surrogate as a fun hobby band. They talk about the benefits of that versus being career musicians, and have fun catching up!

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Knowing is a puzzle

Putting together pieces of Mars Hill

Mike Wilkerson is a mathematician, computer programer, and engineer turned biblical counsellor. He shares Matt's interest in how things work, and was Matt's close friend and Pastor for many years that imploded due to a poor leadership dynamic. How do we make sense of stories, and how should we react in light of that?

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How long until we'll see dinosaurs in our living rooms and sharks in the gym? Matt's friend and VR game designer Edwon joins to give insight on the current state of virtual reality and where he sees it going in the near future. Matt knows him as a person who goes after what he wants to do, which lends to a discussion on the luxury of being poor. His most recent endeavor is a virtual pets game, Waba, that finds him living between Japan and LA.   Links and Sponsors: emerymusic.com code DOWN for 10% off code PODCAST20 for 20% off

I want to Stab an old lady


Tim McTague skypes in from his vacation with his family after a long Underoath tour, trying to balance his work and home life, which is difficult for people like Tim and Matt who do multiple projects that keep them away from home at times. Does that make him rethink what he does? They also have some fun dreaming about the future of virtual reality and the weird things that inevitably will lead to. What if you could act as lead singer from the comfort of your couch?

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How are our decisions affected by our cognition versus our intuition? Is it more similar to a man driving a car, or a man riding an elephant? The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt has been influential for Matt and Dan Koch (Sherwood, Depolarize! Podcast) as they have thought through divides of all kinds. They also discuss upcoming protests and having a goal to seek more complex intuitions.

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As an artist manager, Mike Mowery of Outerloop Group and Matt both stem from the rock world, but have very different business philosophies. In this episode they talk about professional networking, coaching new artists, the myth of the overnight success, and becoming an original artist versus playing the comparison game.

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